mission accomplished [part I]

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When I make goals, I tend to follow through. On Friday I made the random goal to sleep with two different guys this weekend. 

Saturday was post-play bliss, the show went spectacularly. After the cast party I headed to the same monthly event where I hooked up with Evan and Kevin. Both of them were there, but Evan’s and my inexorable social connections have trumped our desire to fuck each other again. In other words, I’m tight with his girlfriend. So it goes. I danced out my joy in a big circle of friends, catching his eye but keeping my ass away from his bulging pants. 

The party shut down, after party at my place. Around goes the bowl, the stories flow, Robyn remixes kept some of us dancing while others approached pass out time. Then, Kevin texted me. We had only briefly greeted each other that night. But whatever, I didn’t really care if he showed up or not. He did, I sat on the floor next to him to catch up. His arm discretely snaked from my knee to the small of my back. It felt nice.

Around 4am everyone peaced out. Except Kevin. We chatted on the couch some more, he leaned in and kissed me. I kept my expectations low, given his unsavory erection maintenance record the last two times. 

The scratchiness of his incoming beard rubbed against my neck, his kisses led to licked tits and my back arched across the black leather. His lips touched down on my body trailing toward my cunt. He paraded his tongue into my folds, adding to the lubrication. He poked his tongue against mine, and my hips began bucking and beckoning for more. His probing yielded my first orgasm (of many) of the weekend.

I reciprocated with pleasure. His cock responded to my saliva and dipping throat, it hardened significantly as he thrust himself into my wet mouth, open and receiving. After several slow downs, he pulled me up by the shoulders and sat me on the back of the couch, legs wide before his eyes. I leaned against the wall as he inserted one finger. He looked simultaneously coy and high, even though he hadn’t smoked anything.

After one paved the way, two fingers. Then his lips sucking on my clit. Then three reaching around inside me. Then one hand slapping my exposed ass immediately before my moans signaled an approaching climax. Then four. His tongue traveled around my pussy, frantically licking as I shoved into his face. Smack. Then I feel more space open inside of me and his eyes catch mine when I’m about to orgasm. Smack. He smiles, I can tell he loves the sound. Then I’m nearly screaming as more enters me and he smacks the reddening flesh harder to keep me still. But I’m coming and yelling and rather than fall off, I slide forward and push his face further into my slippery cunt as I land on the soft cushions. 

He laughed while I slowed down my loud breath. “How many fingers do you think that was?”

"Fuck, I don’t know! Four? Maybe five?"

"Wrong! Seven."


"What did you think I was doing with two hands down there?"

"Well when you weren’t beating my ass, fuck I don’t know…seven?!"

He was very proud of himself. He offered me his fingers and I sucked each delicious one clean. He told me he was close to fisting me with the space he had opened up. When I caught my breath I dived down on him. My lips suctioned spit, my ass popped up and down, begging for another smack. I sped up and reciprocated the frenzy he had imparted. I sputtered but the sounds of hot cock sucking just turned me on more. I locked eyes with him.

"Where do you want it? Face, tits, hair?"

I left just long enough to whisper a quick “everywhere.”

Then the sounds of a choked orgasm. It landed on my cheeks, on the top of my head, and finished down my neck. We both laid there breathing, until I softly giggled. 

"I can feel it dripping along my scalp through my hair. It feels really good, like a light head massage."

"I can’t believe you just said that. But wow, that’s hot."

After running some water through my hair, we retired to the bedroom at 5am. I woke up to him grinding on my ass. We didn’t say a word as we licked each other’s bodies, my sore pussy more than liked the wet attention. I wanted him inside me, and not in the mostly flaccid way like before. 

I stroked his cock with my lubed fingers, circulating the blood with my slow touch and patterned movements. I grabbed his hand and moved it to continue the jacking off, I planted sticky kisses along his pelvis. My lips touched his soft sack and his just-woke-up groans turned sexual. I licked tiny circles across his ridges while my cupped hand vibrated below like I was rolling dice. 

When he looked ready, I took a bold step for me and (knowing he has no STIs because I point-blank ask all of my partners plus being on birth control) told him to just get inside of me without a condom. The last times it was the condom that prevented him from staying hard enough to penetrate me with any force. I just wanted him to fuck me, so I let it happen.

His face and body language looked like a guy having sex for the first time. He stared down at his cock moving through me, slowed himself down, tuned back in to my approving sounds. Repeat. It was fairly timid sex, which I’m not used to. It was nice in a way, having him dribble all over me and freak out about how good it felt. He pulled out and speckled my stomach.

We spooned and told each other stories from the last couple of months. I made him read random parts of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl out loud to me, but I constantly interrupted him and poked fun. He left smiling at 1pm. I prepared for my evening shenanigans, a big electro show. Lacy v-neck black top, funky purple skirt, slightly ripped tights, and grey chucks. Ready to dance my ass off despite the exhaustion of the past week. 

I made my rounds, brought the energy up in my different friends as I circled the club. Saw a guy from work who I don’t know very well since we don’t have a regular shift together. Tall, cute glasses, really smart in a philosophical but nonetheless pragmatic kind of way. My friends joined his friends and we bounced to the heavy beat. Then I noticed…

Damn, the man could D.A.N.C.E. And he wanted to dance with me.

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dancing with (& then kinkily fucking) the dj [part I]

Listen to this song while you read!

Tipsily stumble down the stairs. Pay $10. Take off long johns over tights and throw coat in corner. Push way through the crowd toward the speakers. Go hard or go home. 

I was dancing in my usual extreme fashion. Isolating muscles, hip swivels, hands floating around with the builds in the music, ass thumping to the subwoofers. Wasn’t wearing anything too fabulous, just a colourful Steve Aoki t-shirt, black exercise shorts over lacy tights, and black boots. My two friends and I just came to dance. But then a tall guy who had been hanging in and out of the DJ booth casually danced around me. I was skillfully introduced to him by his drunk friend who I didn’t know as “random girl.” I noticed him because he actually knew how to move. I toyed around with him a bit, making eye contact, brushing my ass against him briefly a time or two. He asked if he could buy me a drink and we danced our way to the bar.

I’m going to call him Evan. Evan Mast of Ratatat. …Serious yum. I’ve realized recently there is a type of looks I am consistently attracted to. I figured this out when examining my photo porn collection. 90% of the pictures are white guys with brown long-ish hair, beards or significant scruff, relatively built, slightly lanky bodies but not much visible muscle. A bit grungy but not unkempt. Evan fit the bill. He was wearing a purple v-neck, white-tan pants, and an orange hat. We danced up a storm…dance-grinding, dipping (thankfully he never dropped me like a guy did the night before at a house party), plus delicious make outs while still moving to the music. I could tell he loved electronic music as much or maybe even more than I did. 

Here’s where the fun comes in. We go for drink number two and as I approached the bar, I noticed someone oddly familiar staring me down. Shit. It’s the guy I hooked up with the last time I went to this event! I’ll call him Kevin Baird of Two Door Cinema Club (- he’s the one playing the glockenspiel). While Evan ordered our drinks I walked over, said hey, how are you, and oh by the way “just so you know I don’t do the whole awkward thing. Hope that’s cool with you.” Then Evan turned around. 


Double shit.

"Hey man! What’s up? Having a good time?"

I looked at them both and almost burst out laughing. Of course this would happen to me! It’s actually happened once before, but that’s a story for a different time.

After explaining that Evan and I just met, I learned that Kevin and Evan were on the same floor in the dorms in first year. I went to the washroom to pee and take a deep breath. Evan and I danced more and it felt so much dirtier now that we couldn’t avoid dancing in front of Kevin (the exciting kind of dirty, not the guilty kind). He glanced over at me frequently, when I looked at him I could only visualize his cock flailing around. 

Kevin isn’t really a story worth telling on its own so I suppose I’ll fill you in. Kevin also looks like my previously described ‘type’, we met at a Stars concert while smoking outside. He invited me to see a show that next week, but we didn’t exchange numbers. I ran into him a few days later at this same monthly dance event, we flirted heavily, and hooked up at his place. Unfortunately, he had trouble keeping it up, but it was still fun. We hooked up again that next week when he was slightly intoxicated again, but he still couldn’t keep it up. I’m guessing he was embarrassed and since I was disappointed we just didn’t contact each other after that. 

Evan and I stuck it out until they shut the party down. By that point we had escalated to full on dance floor groping. I’m guessing it was quite a sight. We trekked through the snow to the after party, nestled up on the couch and talked music. Turns out he DJs with the guys who were in charge tonight, he would have even played a brief set but he didn’t want to risk losing my attention. Guys who can actually dance turn me on enough, but ones who can dance and DJ? My pussy ached.

We trekked back to my apartment. But only after he abruptly said “pitstop,” pushed me up against a mailbox, and made out with me as the snow fell around us. We chilled out on my couch while we thawed, until the spark hit and our clothes hit the floor. Compliments on his dick are deserved, it was large, cleaned up, and tasty. I feel like I should make some pun about the erect quality of Evan’s Mast…I’m sure something will come to me. 

After twisting my nipples on the sofa, I pulled him by the cock toward my bedroom. He grabbed his glass of water and quickly stopped to sip, but I backed him into the door frame and went to work right there. I ran my tongue in loops around his skin, starting at the back of his balls, to the front, to the base of his shaft, up along the bottom side, and finally deposited him in my mouth. He stared down at me on my knees, I peered back up and winked as I sucked him faster. He groaned and relaxed against the door as I worked one hand slowly up his thigh while the other pumped the base of his cock mercilessly. BT played in the background, but when “The Emergency" came on and the lyrics "Your ‘I love you’" repeated, I paused to laugh. Then, authoritatively: 

"Get in the bed, I need to change this song since I’m obviously not really feeling the ‘I love you’ shit."

He chuckled back and complied. Then, while I was fumbling around in my condom box, something magical happened. I was throwing various lubes, vibrators, dildos, and also my handcuffs on the floor. When they clinked against the wood, he looked over. While I grabbed a condom, he picked them up, got my attention and asked, 

"Are you game?"

Blank stare. Was he for serious..? Was the man I randomly took home pro-kink?!?! An unplanned, kinky one night stand..?! After a five second pause, 

"Hell yes!"

He put on the condom, I laid face down on the bed. I felt his cock press against me as he handcuffed me. Then he got up, grabbed the chair in my bedroom and dominantly commanded:

"Bend over here."

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