Anonymous asked:
I've really been missing reading about your sexual shenanigans! I hope you'll keep at it.

I’ll be back soon, I promise! Real life Tara just moved and I’m settling into my new place. Don’t worry though, I already have new (not to mention old…) adventures to document. 

Anonymous asked:
Let's say I tie up and gag my partner and start doing my worst. Its tough to have a safe word in this scenario because she is gagged, and since she is tied up, its hard to gesture as well. If our next step is blindfolding as well, how exactly can she communicate that enoughs enough?

Ahhh, I’ve been there. Great question! The best guiding principle for safe words/gestures I’ve found is it must be something that’s completely out of context for the scene. A clear break from everything going on. In my case, our safe gesture was me turning my head side to side seven times in a row (which is way more times than I would ever do naturally). That signaled my partner to ask if I would like to stop, which I could nod my response to for confirmation. Another possibility would be a signal with her feet. You’re kind of forced to use bodily extremities in this case, so pick the end of the body that will be most visible to you/the dominator. Hope that helps and have fun! ;)

slippinginnocence-deactivated20 asked:
Thank you for the follow. I'm really enjoying your blog. :-)

I’m digging yours too. Merci!

Anonymous asked:
How do i follow your blog it's not bad.

Thanks! ;)

If you’re on tumblr, click the ‘Follow’ button in the upper right corner. If you don’t use tumblr, scroll down to the bottom of the right column and click ‘RSS feed’ for Google Reader or similar services. Otherwise, add me to your bookmarks and check back every week.