dancing with (& then kinkily fucking) the dj [part II]

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I felt Evan’s cock press against me as he handcuffed me. Then he got up, grabbed the chair in my bedroom and dominantly commanded:

“Bend over here.”

I obeyed and the very second I raised my ass, he plowed inside me. All I could do was moan-scream as his dick naturally banged against my cervix. One hand grabbed my hair, the other held steady on my back as he slid himself in and out of my slick hole.

Doggy style is my favourite position because, seriously, I get animalistic. I go wild. The sounds I make, the dirty phrases that flow, the requests for him to smack my ass (“harder…harder!…did you hear me asshole?!?! harder!!!!!”), the feeling of an orgasmic explosion inside my chest…I just lose it. And Evan went straight for it. With me handcuffed over a chair. 

I must have orgasmed at least four times in those fifteen minutes. Maybe five. It was insane. I actually don’t even know how long it was, I literally lost all conception of time. After the chair became cumbersome we moved to the bed, but he stayed behind so he could pound into my backside. I pushed back, pumping my body toward him.

There’s no way I didn’t wake my neighbours given how loud I was moaning. His vocalizations increased as he got comfortable with mine. After smacking my ass a few times, he became quiet as he orgasmed. We both laid there whispering, “Holy shit.”

And then, after the chills evaporated, “So do you have any more toys to tell me about?”

"Yeah, but I can’t ruin the surprise. Gotta save some for next time."

We lounged around sharing youtube videos of great mixes we enjoy while smoking a joint. At about 4:30am we agreed to call it a night. When I came out of the washroom, he started making out with me again. Nope, you’re right, not very conducive to falling asleep. After I ‘accidentally’ stroked him to full hardness, he said,

"So I was looking through your box earlier and there’s something I want to use."

While grabbing the next condom, “What did you find?”

Next time had come sooner than I expected. He grinned and pulled out my ball gag with the leather strap.

"Oh my god…yes…holy-fuck-yeah, put that thing on me!”

He took care of the condom and then adjusted the gag around my head. We resumed doggy style. I screamed into the soft blue ball stuffed in my mouth while he forcefully entered through my pussy lips. My pleas came out as urgent mumbles, “Fuck me harder! Faster! Faster! Oh my god, you’re not allowed to stop!!!”

But obviously I wasn’t in charge here. He dominated me hard and I was not protesting in the least. I arched my back and closed my eyes, giving in to the sensation of his expert fucking. I moaned deeply from the back of my throat. I stretched to take in all of him, I wanted all 8+ inches inside me.

I love being gagged because I’m not aware of how loud I am until I’m force-stopped from vocalizing how incredible sex feels. Then I have to struggle and show it in different ways. My body shakes with pleasure when I’m gagged, I bite into the gag, I play with my nipples and clit more. Oh, and it’s been a year and a half since I was last stuffed shut, so I was turned on beyond my wildest expectations.

He switched to missionary for a while so he could watch my face contract as I bit down. Although the sound was muffled, I’m sure you could see it in my eyes. I was in sex heaven and I didn’t give a fuck about anything else.

He made circles with his hips as he boned me, allowing me to relive his excellent rhythm from the dancefloor. He looked that much hotter than before with his muscles clenched, his eyes half-closed in pleasure, and his cock sliding in and out of me. He used consistently amazing long strokes, pulling almost all the way out and digging back into my pussy. After several unprecedentedly huge orgasms on my end, he let himself go. He laid down on the bed next to me and I got him to take off the gag so I could gasp,

"That was incredible.”

He was going to sleep over but I had to get up early, so he decided to walk home instead. Before he left, I told him we should do this again sometime. He responded affirmatively but I intuitively heard the silent hesitancy in his voice.

"Evan, just so you know I’m a casual sex kind of person. I seriously have zero interest in dating you or being your girlfriend. It’s just not my thing."

He sighed with relief. “Awesome! I’m into casual sex too, this can actually work.”

I passed out asleep pretty soon after. The text he sent about an hour later that I received in the morning nicely summarizes our encounter:

"Well, that was a LOT of fun. I hope to see you again, Tara…"

Don’t worry, you will. 

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dancing with (& then kinkily fucking) the dj [part I]

Listen to this song while you read!

Tipsily stumble down the stairs. Pay $10. Take off long johns over tights and throw coat in corner. Push way through the crowd toward the speakers. Go hard or go home. 

I was dancing in my usual extreme fashion. Isolating muscles, hip swivels, hands floating around with the builds in the music, ass thumping to the subwoofers. Wasn’t wearing anything too fabulous, just a colourful Steve Aoki t-shirt, black exercise shorts over lacy tights, and black boots. My two friends and I just came to dance. But then a tall guy who had been hanging in and out of the DJ booth casually danced around me. I was skillfully introduced to him by his drunk friend who I didn’t know as “random girl.” I noticed him because he actually knew how to move. I toyed around with him a bit, making eye contact, brushing my ass against him briefly a time or two. He asked if he could buy me a drink and we danced our way to the bar.

I’m going to call him Evan. Evan Mast of Ratatat. …Serious yum. I’ve realized recently there is a type of looks I am consistently attracted to. I figured this out when examining my photo porn collection. 90% of the pictures are white guys with brown long-ish hair, beards or significant scruff, relatively built, slightly lanky bodies but not much visible muscle. A bit grungy but not unkempt. Evan fit the bill. He was wearing a purple v-neck, white-tan pants, and an orange hat. We danced up a storm…dance-grinding, dipping (thankfully he never dropped me like a guy did the night before at a house party), plus delicious make outs while still moving to the music. I could tell he loved electronic music as much or maybe even more than I did. 

Here’s where the fun comes in. We go for drink number two and as I approached the bar, I noticed someone oddly familiar staring me down. Shit. It’s the guy I hooked up with the last time I went to this event! I’ll call him Kevin Baird of Two Door Cinema Club (- he’s the one playing the glockenspiel). While Evan ordered our drinks I walked over, said hey, how are you, and oh by the way “just so you know I don’t do the whole awkward thing. Hope that’s cool with you.” Then Evan turned around. 


Double shit.

"Hey man! What’s up? Having a good time?"

I looked at them both and almost burst out laughing. Of course this would happen to me! It’s actually happened once before, but that’s a story for a different time.

After explaining that Evan and I just met, I learned that Kevin and Evan were on the same floor in the dorms in first year. I went to the washroom to pee and take a deep breath. Evan and I danced more and it felt so much dirtier now that we couldn’t avoid dancing in front of Kevin (the exciting kind of dirty, not the guilty kind). He glanced over at me frequently, when I looked at him I could only visualize his cock flailing around. 

Kevin isn’t really a story worth telling on its own so I suppose I’ll fill you in. Kevin also looks like my previously described ‘type’, we met at a Stars concert while smoking outside. He invited me to see a show that next week, but we didn’t exchange numbers. I ran into him a few days later at this same monthly dance event, we flirted heavily, and hooked up at his place. Unfortunately, he had trouble keeping it up, but it was still fun. We hooked up again that next week when he was slightly intoxicated again, but he still couldn’t keep it up. I’m guessing he was embarrassed and since I was disappointed we just didn’t contact each other after that. 

Evan and I stuck it out until they shut the party down. By that point we had escalated to full on dance floor groping. I’m guessing it was quite a sight. We trekked through the snow to the after party, nestled up on the couch and talked music. Turns out he DJs with the guys who were in charge tonight, he would have even played a brief set but he didn’t want to risk losing my attention. Guys who can actually dance turn me on enough, but ones who can dance and DJ? My pussy ached.

We trekked back to my apartment. But only after he abruptly said “pitstop,” pushed me up against a mailbox, and made out with me as the snow fell around us. We chilled out on my couch while we thawed, until the spark hit and our clothes hit the floor. Compliments on his dick are deserved, it was large, cleaned up, and tasty. I feel like I should make some pun about the erect quality of Evan’s Mast…I’m sure something will come to me. 

After twisting my nipples on the sofa, I pulled him by the cock toward my bedroom. He grabbed his glass of water and quickly stopped to sip, but I backed him into the door frame and went to work right there. I ran my tongue in loops around his skin, starting at the back of his balls, to the front, to the base of his shaft, up along the bottom side, and finally deposited him in my mouth. He stared down at me on my knees, I peered back up and winked as I sucked him faster. He groaned and relaxed against the door as I worked one hand slowly up his thigh while the other pumped the base of his cock mercilessly. BT played in the background, but when “The Emergency" came on and the lyrics "Your ‘I love you’" repeated, I paused to laugh. Then, authoritatively: 

"Get in the bed, I need to change this song since I’m obviously not really feeling the ‘I love you’ shit."

He chuckled back and complied. Then, while I was fumbling around in my condom box, something magical happened. I was throwing various lubes, vibrators, dildos, and also my handcuffs on the floor. When they clinked against the wood, he looked over. While I grabbed a condom, he picked them up, got my attention and asked, 

"Are you game?"

Blank stare. Was he for serious..? Was the man I randomly took home pro-kink?!?! An unplanned, kinky one night stand..?! After a five second pause, 

"Hell yes!"

He put on the condom, I laid face down on the bed. I felt his cock press against me as he handcuffed me. Then he got up, grabbed the chair in my bedroom and dominantly commanded:

"Bend over here."

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