simple sentence

Time flies and last night I realized I hadn’t masturbated in a week. So I rolled up my sleeves (or rather took off my pajamas) and got to work.

I stroked myself quietly at first, feeling the pulse of my clit, determining the direction I would go in. I could hear the pounding going on the floor above my apartment…definitely cause for some inspiration. I circled carefully, slowly moving deeper into the motions. My hips changed from hardly moving to a tempo-driven swiveling and pushing down into the giving mattress. I let the rough padding on my fingertips stroke my clit and then squeezed with a tough grip, causing a frustrated groan to escape.

At this point I was breathing deeply, back arched as my shoulders shifted the weight. I sped everything up and more juice followed. I swear, at that moment all I fucking wanted was something or someone to pound into me really, really, really hard. Instead of reaching for the vibrator, I closed my eyes tight and imagined a knock on my door. In my head I yelled, “It’s open!” and I heard the heavy creak as I propped my head up to look through the open bedroom door down the hall. My legs were spread wide to my visitor’s line of vision with my index finger paused to see who it was. 

You had guessed I would be engaged with my body at this time of night, but you had no idea how literally excited I would be to see you. How wet I had already made myself and how prepared I was to pour more come as you walked toward me. You could already feel your hands gripping my ass, my tongue wrapped around your cock. After taking off your coat and shoes, you held back the impulse and walked casually down the hallway. You leaned on the frame of my bedroom door with a voyeuristic glance. I grinned broadly, one hand buried inside and the other ready to grab you if you didn’t say something. 

All this time I had intensified my strokes, pushed myself further with every step you took down the hallway. I had already stripped you down in my mind, your cock was hard and throbbing and poised to pound into me and I couldn’t handle it any longer. So when you stood by the door, smirked, and said, “It’s been way too long” — I totally lost it. I moaned my response as I climaxed, my body frenzied and I spilled out right in front of you. Your eyes widened and your dick hardened instantly as you watched me writhe in pleasure from your simple greeting. 

My nipples were on fire and my body was completely flushed. I sighed as my vision hazed over and I rolled my pinky over my clit again to keep the pulse. You knew I liked it when you were fully clothed and I was completely naked so that I felt like I had surprised you, which in this case I definitely had. My eyes flickered shut and I didn’t hear you lick your fingers as you crawled into the bed and pushed three right inside me…

I surged forward with a jolt from how unbelievable that felt, my eyes fluttered open, and I remembered that I made you up. But the orgasm was real and my bed was undeniably soaked. I think I’m going to invite you over again tonight.