Listen to this song while you read!

In high school he was that guy. The one all my friends hooked up with, passed around, and he liked it. Scratch that, he loved it. I dated everyone but him. He was the creative but undeniable frat boy type. We talked for hours, smoked out in his barn, and friend-cuddled. Let’s call him Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (love his look in that video, by the way). 

Fast forward, it’s winter break back from my first year at university. Everything changed. We’re both not dating anyone, he’s more attractive to me, our friends are less interested in him. I picked Anthony up to hang out with said friends. But after an hour or two I was feeling uncontrollably hot for him. I pulled out my phone as I passed along one of many joints. 

"Want to peace out of here soon? I’d like some alone time if you’re interested ;)"

His phone buzzed. As he checked the text, a grin crossed his face. I continued on with the general conversation, but my attention was anticipating his reply.

Buzz buzz. 

"definitely interested. how’s the barn? and how do u want to get out of here?"

I made up some excuse for being tired and needing to take Anthony home. We joked as we left about how inconspicuous we thought we had been. As soon as I slammed the car door, he leaned in and kissed me. Our lips had only touched during basement games of strip spin the bottle. The kiss was hot, wet, and a bit rough around the edges. We’d had conversations before about how neither of us particularly liked making out, we much preferred getting to the good stuff. 

So my sweater came off. My chest was pointed across the middle section of the car. He laced his fingers behind my back and pulled me toward him, sucking each tit as his teeth nibbled the hardness. It was fucking freezing so after rubbing his cock through frustrating layers, I made the move to relocate. As we drove to his place, his hand rested on my inner thigh, quietly stroking me down the highway to Zero 7.

Given our stoner friendship, this obviously couldn’t happen sober. So he rolled a spliff and turned on ‘Morning View’ by Incubus. We smoked one, then two. I crawled on his lap and kissed his neck as I felt the body high hit. He leaned his head back as I went to work. I flashed back to us in the park sophomore year. He was telling me he had recently discovered how amazing it felt having your neck bitten. I nudged him to try me. He asked if I was sure and I nodded. His teeth sank into my neck and I gasped out a quiet moan. I almost kissed him, except I was dating his best friend. I had always imagined repaying him for that pleasure.

My kisses turned into nibbles. Right below his earlobe I swirled my tongue, flicking it down to his collarbone. Kissing back up to the middle of his neck, my teeth grasped his skin as I gathered the flesh in my mouth. I applied pressure, he let out a groan. With my body straddled on his lap, I felt his cock become harder. I bit my way up to his ear, around the back of his neck, a mix of quick nips and longer pulls. I removed his shirt to reveal his hardened chest and impressively defined arm muscles. I glanced down at his body as I continued torturing him with my variations of attention on his neck. 

After an extra big groan, he picked me up with my legs straddled around him. I squealed erotically (my last boyfriend was not strong enough to do this) as he laid me down on the carpeted floor. He nuzzled his face into the crotch of my jeans and kissed up my sweater, taking it off my body as he worked his way to my neck. He bit me back and unclasped my bra as I moaned. He massaged my breasts, then took his bites into serious erogenous territory. He clamped down hard with his teeth and I felt my vag contract with an almost-orgasm from all the build up. 

I wrestled down his jeans and let his cock out of those frat boy boxers. It was stout and average, I had seen it before. But I’d never gotten to put my hands around it. Or suck it. I’d only heard the stories from all of my closest girlfriends who had blown him after school or in the park or in this very barn. But none of them had fucked him. That was for me to do. 

I sucked him generously. Spreading saliva all around, I let my tongue slick across his base up to the head. His shaft elongated as I rubbed my wet mouth around him. “Just a Phase” came on and I synced my bobbing head to the slow alternative rock beat: “I am bottled fizzy water and you are shaking me up…”

My eyes darted up to his flexing body and then back down to his shaft, coated as I pushed my lips around him. In his stoned state he was content to lay back and enjoy the sensation of my mouth thrusting at an increasingly frenzied pace. There were many, “Oh god, slow down! I’m gonna come!” moments, so I leveled off until I sped up too fast and he slowed me back down again and again.

Even though I was high, I wanted to push him right to the edge. I wanted to be better than all of my friends. I wanted to prove I was the best. What can I say? I’m a competitive slut.

We switched to him going down on me since he wanted a break. It wasn’t very memorable. I assuredly got more wet, rotated my hips amidst his face buried in my satch, but I can’t remember if he gave me an orgasm. Onto the sex!

Given his increased sensitivity, we changed positions more than I was used to. I’m talking 9 or 10 positions in less than thirty minutes. I’ll just hit the highlights here.

Anthony entered me from above after I pulled his face toward me and whispered, “I want you to fuck me now.” He rocked into me and I crossed my ankles behind his neck. He slid through me and I took this opportunity to really examine him. His face was so different…flushed, eyes widening past their impulse to squint, huffing deeply. He was the second person to had sex with, so I tuned in to how his extra wideness made everything seem bigger, better, wetter. 

The refrain throughout was definitely, “I’m gonna come!” So we switched. This time me on top, pounding my pussy down on him, my hands grasping my tits and head knocking backward with each thrust. I twisted my hips to “Have You Ever,” digging into his base with the bass line and then traveling along his shaft with each twist. Switch!

I don’t have enough literally on the floor sex. There are definitely some positions that are challenging to do on beds and other soft surfaces. At this point, he pulled me off and stood up. Coming behind me, he picked up my legs and grabbed along to my upper thighs. He instructed me to support myself with my hands. I recall giggling and being confused. But then I felt his cock burst into me. I nearly fell forward, but regained my balance on the palms of my hands. The loudest moan thus far escaped my lips as my whole body was shoved forward with every thrust. He grunted as he boned me with his tool, I was his sweaty, stoned, creamy wheelbarrow. 

"Keep on going!"

He slowed his strokes and continued landing long strokes that almost toppled me. My cunt was receiving him with hot joy, I orgasmed in a hard flash that released my connection from the floor. His cock came out as I fell down gasping and cooing for more. 

We switched to a recovery position. Spooning semi-intimately while I caught my breath, he massaged my tits slowly and kissed the back of my neck. My arousal began rising again and I responded to his fucking me. I started pushing down with my ass and riled him up for more intensity.

He threw me through another loop. Who knew stoner sex could be so acrobatic? I guess the creativity juices were flowing in the same vein as the come I had spread everywhere. He led me over to the nearby wall. I kissed his leg while he placed his hands on my hips. He told me to use the wall and my elbows to support myself. Then he lifted my upper body off the floor and bent my legs backward toward my face. Basically, a less intense version of the piledriver

He spread his legs across my body, directed his cock down, and pushed slowly inside of me. I can only imagine the view he had, my face looking up at him between my legs, my own come dripping onto my chest. I watched his strong legs lift up and down and could catch a glimpse of the base of his cock moving in and out. He groaned louder, I moaned harder, he dug in deeper..deeper..and deeper..to where I couldn’t take it anymore and screamed out an orgasm. 

The challenge with this sex was that all the best positions for me were physically difficult to keep up and I orgasmed so fast that my body turned to smooth jelly. And all the other positions stirred his sensitive cock to the point of needing to switch. We fucked in a few other ways, but it ended with him taking me from behind.

My stamina was rapidly decreasing from all the handstands and I wanted to finish him off. The one sure-fire way is always doggy style, except I couldn’t let him switch. I came off his cock from reverse cowgirl and wiggled my ass cheeks in front of his face. I patted and smacked one side, then the other. His hands reached and sunk into my flesh, kneading the skin like all the friendly massages he had given me over the years. I started rotating my ass in circles with his touch. I heard a “goddamn” escape.

Then he snapped into action. He got on his knees and let himself inside my pulsing vag. My last boyfriend was really into dirty talk, but Anthony hadn’t really said anything this whole time. I decided to try it and see how hard I could get him to fuck me. 

"C’mon, I know you can go faster than that."

My teasing comment kicked him into a higher gear. The pounding sensation into my backside sped up. I let out a great big moan,

"Muuuuch better! Your body is so hot, put your arms on my back so I can feel them against me."

He clutched my shoulders and laid his forearms along my back. He used the variation for further leverage and got even more riled up. 

Holy shit! Keep on fucking me! Oh my GOD your cock feels so good!”

His panting escalated to an endless groan, his strokes banged against my cervix, he said it again, “I’m gonna come!”

"Fuck! Yes! I want you to come all over my ass! Ohhhhh…get it all over me!” 

Suddenly he was out and I felt the drops of come fly all over my flesh and my back. I collapsed onto the floor and he fell down next to me. We laid there, fully realizing what had just gone down. 

A few kisses and clean up later, we were settled under the blankets smoking another spliff. I hadn’t seen Pineapple Express yet. We fell asleep with visions of James Franco and Anthony fucking me upside down dancing in my head.